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Based on tre Feature Model Discussion we are having a bit of fun making the separation of schema from type.


  • javadocs are used when the needed to explicitly capture what is going on
  • Java Bean conventions are used to access simple properties
  • Collections conventions are used to traverse contained content, or for convience methods.

This proposal is based on a split between Content, Type and Schema. The exciting part is - when you are working with "SimpleFeatures" you don't have look at any of the Descriptor information (it simply does not apply to your problem domain).


(warning) This schedule is a Negotiation - I will ask Project Leads to Review (warning)


  • Gabriel has fixed deadlines
  • Intergration with UDIG cannot start until early Novemeber
  • GeoTools PMC have writen a Feature Model Letter of Support
  • GeoAPI has a hard deadline of an OGC meeting in November, work needs to be available mid October

Entries already denoted by:
CD (Complex DataStore) entires are already in Gabriel's plan for GeoServer
GA (GeoAPI) Are needed for GeoAPI acceptance
GT (GeoTools) Are needed for GeoTools acceptance
GS (GeoServer) To be negotiated with GeoServers mailing list?
UD (UDIG) To be negotiated with UDIG mailing list?


1 CD Alignment of complex sco branch with trunk

  • Update previous GeoServer 1.2 work to GeoServer 1.3 trunk
August 30th, Completed

2 GT Feature Type mappings suite

  • reports with real life examples of GML schemas and documents
September 9th, Completed

3 GT - FeatureType survey, description of current, limitiations to be fixed, proposed aritecture

  • ProposedAttributeTypeAPI
  • The aritecture proposal is complete, we are struggling with a few design issues right as part of the next step
September 15th

3 GT FeatureType test suite - implementation of proposed architecture with JUNIT tests proving the approach
3.1 GT Interfaces extended from GeoAPI baseline marking changes as required (hard for a complete overhaul)
3.2 GT Implementation based on in memory data
3.2 GT implement tests proving the business driver examples are covered,
3.3 GT implement tests proving the XPath support for SLD documents are covered