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Welcome to the Groovy User Guide. We hope you find it useful.

Before starting

  1. Installing Groovy
  2. Embedding Groovy
  3. Running
  4. Command Line : launching in shell script mode
  5. Compiling Groovy : compiling groovy as any java program
  6. Bean Scripting Framework : embedding groovy in java code

Language guide

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This page is intended to get you started with Groovy, following a trail of a few tutorial labs on various topics mainly oriented towards typical use of scripting languages for data crunching or text manipulation.

Graham Miller, a Groovy affictionado,   was kind enough to contribute to the Groovy project this great set of educational material to help you learn Groovy.

The topics covered are about Groovy basics, text parsing, regular expressions, SQL, and web-scraping:

After started (smile)

You have to take a look also to the Groovy features and Groovy modules to have a complete overview of the language capabilites.

The User Guide assumes you have already downloaded and installed Groovy. See the Getting Started Guide if this is not that case.

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