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This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above.


FeatureEvents have long been something missed in the GeoTools library; the uDig project has hacked a few DataStores into submission way back in GeoTools 2.2. Now that we have updated to GeoTools trunk it is time to talk about what we have learned and see what can be cleaned up. Conversely FeatureEvents have not been implemented by the various DataStore implementations; in part that is probably due to a lack of clarity and available test cases; we need to take implementation experience into account and provide an event notification system that can be implemented.


  1. (tick) Deprecate CollectionListener / CollectionEvent - asking people to listen to the FeatureSource instead
  2. Introduce (tick) Introduce RefernecedEnvelope.EVERYTHING
  3. Add (tick) Add Filter to FeatureEvent
  4. Add (tick) Add Filter and Bounds "building" methods to FeatureEventCreate a DataStore Tutorial page on how to use FeatureEvent ( update: Implemented as BatchFeatureEvent)
  5. (tick) Update the DataStore Tutorial section on FeatureEvents based on the ArcSDE experience
  6. Provide (warning) Provide an example of using a listening with FeatureEvents in the user guide