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STOMPy, a STOMP client library for Python. It's very rough and ready but I hope it will be useful to someone. We're releasing it now because the student project for which it has been developed has come to an end; further testing required! Distributed under the LGPL, patches welcome:

An alternative client library for Python. Created because I experienced strange bugs with STOMPy, and wanted an apache-licensed library, but considerably enhanced and extended since those early beginnings. Includes a command-line client for test purposes.  Versions for both Python 2.x (Jython also supported) and Python 3.x.


A STOMP broker written in pure Python for Unix type systems. Simple and lightweight. This is a new project, so please help iron out the wrinkles by submitting bug reports and suggestions.


pyactivemq is a Python wrapper for the ActiveMQ-CPP library. It supports both Stomp and Openwire (the latter is a protocol specific to the ActiveMQ message broker).


This is a client implementation of the STOMP protocol. It aims to be transport layer neutral. This module provides functions to create and parse STOMP messages in a programatic fashion.


A python stomp client that supports both one-way (publish-only) and publish-subscribe interaction with a stomp server.