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Discussion on the design of the Ant tasks.

Here are the main discussions we had about the Ant tasks for Cargo:

  • Remove cargo-XXX tasks : Actually there's one task for each container Id. It's not really evolutionary and works only with the containers referenced in the default Containers factory. We prefer to remove these aliases (CARGO-132) and to keep the generic one using either a container id as referenced in the default containers factory or the name of the container class.
  • Create a separate task for ZipUrlInstaller : The zipUrlInstaller is actually a sub-element of the cargo task. We propose (CARGO-75) to extract it in a real task to be able to reuse it.
  • Create a separate task for deployers : We can't reuse deployables between several servers and we can't have actually a remote deployer. We did a proposal (Thread) several months ago to solve this.
  • Extract configuration in an external (XML) file : We discussed several times (Thread, CARGO-135) about to store the configuration in a file instead of in the build script.