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For all of these the developers involve feel pretty bad; chances are they were out of time (or were on a branch with little feedback). So be kind and concentrate on the fixing.

Table of Contents


(tick) Clean out Catalog Experiment

  1. (tick) Create a new unsupported/catalog plugin with compile and test dependencies on data plugins
  2. (tick) Copy the catalog specific code from main and the data plugins into unsupported/catalog
  3. (error) Find the GeoServer configuration experiment splice it in as a replacement; be sure to keep the test cases
  4. (error) Force uDig trunk to use it

The GeoServer configuration experiment has gone mainstream and as I understand it is specific to their requirements. The idea of a repository to manage DataStores is a good one; but we should wait until a volunteer has sufficient interest to take on the problem.

This issue is closed; the experiment is out of the way.