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Boo is already usable for a large variety of tasks but there still are lots of things in our todo list. Our roadmap although still incomplete should give an idea of where the project stands today and where it's going to.

We're not committing to any hard dates for the releases yet, it all depends on how much help we get from the interested community.

Performance: since it is statically typed, can I expect a performance equal or close to c# or


Daniel Grunwald has made great progress on the SharpDevelop front. Get the latest sources from both repositories (SharpD and boo) to check it out.

As for MonoDevelop, the latest release (0.7) of monodevelop it includes a Boo binding, written by Peter Johanson, leveraging the parser code written by Daniel Grunwald for the SharpDevelop binding. It includes Boo project creation/editing/compiling, as well as an interactive shell with Gtk# integration. See the monodevelop page for more information on installing it.

I see references on the site for .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0, does Boo

support .NET 3.0?

.NET 3.0 is actually just an update to the framework and not to the
CLR or any of the "official" languages. As such, it should be
supported by any .NET-2.0-supporting language, such as Boo

Also, Boo release .78 is the last version of Boo that will support .NET 1.1.

"What's a good way to get started with Boo (editors/IDEs)?"

Fire up a console and check out booish – out built-in editor to check out the basics. Then grab a copy of Sharpdevelop or monodevelop ease into developing with Boo.

"What do people use for building 'real' Boo applications?"

On Windows, Sharpdevelop is the most robust and stable IDE for developing BOO applications. Linux and Mac users develop with their favorite text editor. The monodevelop team are hard at work developing a more professional development environment that will support Boo along with other .NET languages.

When will version 1.0 be available?

When Boo is written in Boo it will be dubbed version 1.0.