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NOTE: This document is not complete. The installation process was aborted when I realized I could not easily manage local repositories because they are in a database. I need to prune old information as our main artifacts builds are ~400Mb in size. Because of this I have not completed these instructions. If someone else wishes to continue please do so.

Creating a Maven proxy

This document will walk through the setup of artifactory 1.2.1
The steps may be the same for other versions but your mileage may vary.

Additional installation instructions can be found at on the artifactory site.


Shell access to NUCLEUS

Shell access is needed to exectute commands and to configure the artifactory. This may be done in conjunction with a sysadmin if you do not have the required privileges.

Build 1.2.1 of artifactory

See download artifactory.

Install artifactory on NUCLEUS

Get your systems administrator to install artifactory.
See for additional instructions on how to do this.

Configure artifactory

Repository Configuration


Port Configuration

Run artifactory