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Jetty Contributor License

The contributor license for Jetty can be seen at

and all completed licenses can be viewed at for committers. For contributors, their licenses are temporarily committed to before being moved to

The license is based on the apache 2.0 license at

We prefer digitally signed CLAs. To sign with GPG, you need to:

  1. make a key:
    gpg --gen-key
  1. publish the key at:
    gpg --export --armour > pubkey-gregw.asc
    Use and to publish this.
  1. checkout jetty LICENSES repo:
    svn co jetty-LICENSES
  1. complete the CLA:
    cd jetty-LICENSES
    cp cla-template.txt cla-gregw.txt
    vi cla-gregw.txt
  1. sign the file:
    gpg --clearsign cla-gregw.txt
    mv cla-gregw.txt.asc cla-gregw.txt
  1. commit the file:
    svn add cla-gregw.txt
    svn commit -m cla cla-gregw.txt
  1. contributors will need to commit to]

Once we have invited you to join and you are ready to sign the CLA, you need to create
an account on and request access to the Jetty project. We can then grant that
and the checkin of your CLA should be your first commit.

Contact the core Jetty developers at
private support for your internal/customer projects ... custom extensions and distributions ... versioned snapshots for indefinite support ... scalability guidance for your apps and Ajax/Comet projects ... development services from 1 day to full product delivery