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The Groovy development team and G2One are pleased to announce the release of Groovy 1.5.1 -- a bug fix release for Groovy 1.5 as a Christmas present.

It fixes a few problems that were discovered after the release of Groovy 1.5.0. In particular: a dead lock in the Groovy classloader, and a problem with input streams with the Ant builder. Also, a problem in highly concurrent setups on multi-processor machines made Groovy run anormally slowly, and this new release also fixes this problem and makes Groovy run much faster using the full power of all the CPUs.

If you haven't read it already, you can discover all the novelties in Groovy 1.5 by reading Guillaume Laforge's article on InfoQ.

You can download Groovy 1.5.1 here:

The JIRA issues related to this release:

The Groovy team and G2One wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you will enjoy this new release!