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  • Need an installer.  Manual setup is still a little more complex than I would like.
  • Should use a native runner for command-line.  Currently uses a batch file.
  • Setting up a new Windows Service requires a batch file.  Should support either a GUI or Groovy script.
  • Classloader structure needs peer review (has proven to work well in testing).
  • Dynamic-loading design (including folder structure conventions) needs peer review. Folder structure may still change.
  • Dynamic loading of DLLs is still experimental at this point - has not been proven in non-sun JVMs.
  • Better support for advanced logging.  Currently only supports simple stdout and stderr capture to file.
  • Gosh uses an older version of JavaService.exe to run Windows Services.  Needs to be updated and tested. Proven stable through Java 6u3.

    When installed, Gosh takes over as the default command-line runner for Groovy.  This may break existing code.


The following is required to run Gosh:

  • 32-bit Windows/Java (x86 architecture) - x64 and IA-64 architectures are not supported
  • Java 1.5 or higher
  • Groovy 1.5 or higher (included in download)


Download the project archive and extract the files.