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  • Need an installer.  Manual setup is still a little more complex than I would like.
  • Should use a native runner for command-line.  Currently uses a batch file.
  • Setting up a new Windows Service requires a batch file.  Should support either a GUI or Groovy script.
  • Classloader structure needs peer review (has proven to work well in testing).
  • Dynamic-loading design (including folder structure conventions) needs peer review. Folder structure may still change.
  • Dynamic loading of DLLs is still experimental at this point - has not been proven in non-sun JVMs.
  • Better support for advanced logging.  Currently only supports simple stdout and stderr capture to file.
  • Gosh uses an older version of JavaService.exe to run Windows Services.  Needs to be updated and tested. Proven stable through Java 6u3.
  • Need to take a look at JavaServiceWrapper from TanukiSoftware as a possible replacement for JavaService, since it seems to have more features and also supports Unix daemons.

When installed, Gosh takes over as the default command-line runner for Groovy.  This may break existing code.


The following is required to run Gosh: