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  1. (tick) Move catalog stuff out of the way to an unsupported/module to prevent confusion
  2. (tick) Add and (remove a few stray getTile methods)
  3. (tick) Add getInfo methods to WFSDataStore for gabriel to review
  4. (tick) Add getInfo methods to ShapefileDataSTore for Jesse to review
  5. (tick) Add getInfo method to AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
  6. (tick) Add getInfo method to DataStore and stub at the AbstractDataStore, JDBCDataStore, ContentDataStore, Implement for stand alone implementations like ArcSDE
  7. (tick) Take the best of geotools or udig getInfo code as the implementation
  8. (tick) Cut over uDig to use this code as the final sanity check
    This was done to communicate WFS GetCapabilities information 
  9. Provide (tick) Provide an example use in the user guide

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package org.geotools.catalog;
interface ServiceInfo {