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Installing Jetty 6.1.x

Downloading the Distribution

See Downloading Jetty

Installing Jetty

All you need to do is to unzip the distribution. The top level directory should look like:

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contexts etc  examples  extras lib LICENSES modules  patches  pom.xml  project-website  README.txt  start.jar  VERSION.txt  webapps  webapps-plus

The files and directories are:

  • contexts hot deploy directory
  • etc is the directory for jetty configuration files
  • examples contains sample webapps demonstrating various features and code examples of embedding Jetty
  • extras contains optional extensions to jetty
  • lib contains all the jar files necessary to run jetty6
  • LICENSES contains the license agreements for the project
  • modules contains all of the source submodules
  • patches contains contributed source patches
  • pom.xml is the maven2 build file for jetty6 (see also Building from Source)
  • project-website contains the jetty6 website
  • README.txt contains useful getting started information
  • start.jar is the jar that invokes jetty6 (see also Running Jetty-6.1.x)
  • VERSION.txt is an abbreviated change log for each release
  • webapps a directory containing some demo webapps
  • webapps-plus a directory containing some webapps demonstrating the extended features of jetty6 (see also JNDI)

Running Jetty

For details on starting, stopping, and configuring Jetty please see Running Jetty-6.1.x.

Contact the core Jetty developers at
private support for your internal/customer projects ... custom extensions and distributions ... versioned snapshots for indefinite support ... scalability guidance for your apps and Ajax/Comet projects ... development services from 1 day to full product delivery