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  • A 1.8.5 compatible Ruby interpreter written in 100% pure Java
  • Most builtin Ruby classes provided
  • Support for interacting with and defining java classes from within ruby
  • Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) support
  • Distributed under a tri-license (CPL/GPL/LGPL)

JRuby 1.0 Released!

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.0!


JRuby 1.0 is a major milestone for our project. Our main goal for 1.0 has been Ruby compatibility. We feel this goal has been reached. When we see companies like ThoughtWorks offering commercial JRuby support; we know this goal has been reached. Please download JRuby and take it for a test drive. Try running your Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications with it. Give us feedback. Join our community. Help us continue to improve JRuby.

We cannot say this enough...Our community is what really makes working on JRuby a treat. Whether it is a decent discussion on IRC or a nice reduced test case attached to one of our bugs, we really appreciate all the time people are spending on JRuby. We all get along well and I think the progress really shows. Just think, a little over a year ago we just starting to see simple Rails controllers route! It is amazing how far we have come.

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