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Note: In Maven 3.0, all pom.* properties are deprecated. Use project.* instead!


Built-in properties

  • ${basedir} represents the directory containing pom.xml
  • ${version} equivalent to ${project.version} or (deprecated: ${pom.version})

Pom/Project properties

All elements in the pom.xml, can be referenced with the project. prefix or using pom. as prefix. This list is just an example of some commonly used elements. (deprecated: {pom.} prefix)

  • ${} results in the path to your "target" dirdirectory, this is the same as ${}
  • ${} results in the path to your "target/classes" dirdirectory
  • ${} or ${} refers to the name of the project .(deprecated: ${projectpom.versionname} or ).
  • ${pomproject.version} refers to the version of the project (deprecated: or ${pom.version}).
  • ${} refers to the final name of the file created when the built project is packaged


  • ${settings.localRepository} refers to the path of the user's local repository.
  • ${maven.repo.local} also works for backward compatibility with maven1 ??

Environment variables

Environment variables can be referenced using the env prefix


User defined properties in the pom.xml.

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