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  • get the relevant XML file via ViewCVS
  • save the file to your local disk: ./jdo-howto.xml.orig
  • create a copy of the file: ./jdo-howto.xml
  • make your modifications and validate the XML
  • use the "diff" command (i.e. not 'cvs diff') as follows
  • diff -u jdo-howto.xml.orig jdo-howto.xml > $WORK/castor/patch/jdo-howto.xml.diff
  • proceed as for Step 5.


  • Please review your diffs before you submit your patch to Bugzilla


  • The UNIX manual pages 'man diff' and 'man patch'.
  • CVS usage information is at and your local 'info cvs' pages or 'man cvs' pages or user documentation. This includes guidance about using cvs diff