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Which files are scanned by the Jetty Maven2 plugin?

If you set a non zero positive <scanInterval> configuration parameter, the jetty maven2 plugin will scan certain files every <scanInterval> seconds for changes, and redeploy the webapp if necessary.

The files that are scanned depend on the goal being executed:


Files and Directories


pom.xml, <dependencies>, <classesDirectory>, <webXml> or <webAppSourceDirectory>/WEB-INF/web.xml, <jettyEnvXml> or <webAppSourceDirectory>/WEB-INF/jetty-web.xml, <scanTargets>


pom.xml, <webApp>


pom.xml, <webApp>/WEB-INF/web.xml, <webApp>/WEB-INF/jetty-web.xml, <webApp>/WEB-INF/jetty-env.xml,<webApp>/WEB-INF/classes, <webApp>/WEB-INF/lib

For an explanation of the configuration parameters and their default values, see the Maven Jetty Plugin configuration guide.

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