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Yes you heard me, there is no migration path if you use Feature directly in your application! What can you do about it?

You need to take the following steps:

  • use Expression where ever possible to access your data (this will protect you and is good practice)
  • book off some time to migrate your code

The good news:

  • we will provide a SimpleFeature interface as part of the new feature model, it will not be method compatible but will at least follow the same assumptions you are used to in GeoTools 2.2.x.
  • there will be a clear series of renames you can apply to your code to fix SimpleFeature access in your code, but making use of Expression now is much smarter

I am sorry but the API for TypeBuilder will not be migratable, we could try and make DataUtilities.spec work for you though.

Recent Development and Status

Status on 2.2.x

For the stable 2.2.x branch the Feature module has:

  • aquired a Random Access API in the form of FeatureList (yeah!) This will allow us to support the results of Filter 1.1
  • cleaned up a lot of code around the use (and closure of) Iterators, see the ResourceCollection class
  • Added FeatureVisitor api (working against FeatureCollection) allowing for efficient Aggregate functions and use of multiple processors for processing operations
  • problems, it is a simple feature model (aka flat like a shapefile or database table)
  • problems, the use of Factory is not complete - can only use FeatureType.create, FeatureFactory is not implementable
  • problems, metadata is not complete (you cannot express everything needed for valid construction of a FeatureCollection)

Status on 2.3.x

For the 2.3.x branch the Feature module has:

  • done nothing for fear of FM

Status on Feature Model branch

For the FM branch the Feature module has been:

  • been rewriten agains the latest GeoAPI interfaces
  • been rewriten to allow for consisten use of Factory
  • please see the FM branch for much more about all this

Outstanding Issues

JIRA Issues

Issues with GeoAPI feature model:

JIRA Issues