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The GroovyEclipse team has released a new version of GroovyEclipse, available at the update site.

Thanks to the entire team and contributors for their hard work the numerous fixes and new features.

Improvements and new features:
GROOVY-2435     move the plugin to 1.5.1 Groovy version
GROOVY-2466     Code completion import improvements
GROOVY-2467     Hover link improvements
GROOVY-2465     Attach groovy src to groovy runtime jar provided by Groovy support
GROOVY-2344     Extend ProjectExplorer to show methods of a Groovy class
GROOVY-2479     Add support for JavaDocs
GROOVY-2480     Adding support for code-templates
GROOVY-2481     Implement a Quick-Outline
GROOVY-2478     Add a Groovy version of the JavaPluginImages to simplify access to common icons
GROOVY-2082     Update Eclipse Plugin Instructions and Ensure build works on Checkout

GROOVY-2463     Renaming Groovy script with script open in Groovy Editor causes Eclipse to hang
GROOVY-2469     Bad Junit action ID causes error
GROOVY-2434     NPE in codecompletion if underlying type is null
GROOVY-2385     Code completion throws NPE when Groovy nature is not enabled
GROOVY-2143     Code completion does not find all Java classes
GROOVY-2431     New TestNG-Test Wizard forget to inherit from superclass
GROOVY-2426     Addition to ProjectExplorer needs to much System-Performance
GROOVY-1794     ResourceException after closing a Java project with the groovy nature
GROOVY-1755     Error-Reporting in GroovyCompiler is broken on Windows