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There are 2 simple demonstration examples which come with ActiveMQ. Firstly obtain the source code via either

Once you have a source distribution, try building it. Once you've managed to build the software you can run the sample demo application by running the following command

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maven demo

This creates a simple cluster with a single node which watches other nodes join, update and leave and prints to the console when this happens. You can start other shells on other machines and perform the same command to watch nodes come and go.

Chat Demo

This is a little more adventurous, but only a little bit (smile). Its a single class which implements a simple IRC style command line chat client. The class is called ChatDemo in the src/test/org/codehaus/activemq directory.

Since this application requires keyboard input it can't be run from inside Maven (long story - we have to fork VMs to run programs in Maven and so loose keyboard input ability). To try out this demo we recommend running it from inside your IDE.

To setup your IDE follow the instructions then run the ChatDemo class inside your IDE.