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Groovy Monkey is a dynamic scripting tool for the Eclipse Platform that enables you to automate tasks, explore the Eclipse
API and engage in rapid prototyping. In fact, I think that if you are working on automating tasks in Eclipse or doing Plugin development in general, this tool is one for you. Groovy Monkey can allow you to try out code and do rapid prototyping without the overhead of deploying a plugin or creating a seperate runtime instance.

Groovy Monkey is based on the Eclipse Jobs API, which enables you to monitor the progress in the platform seemlessly and allows you to write your scripts so that users can cancel them midway. Groovy Monkey is also based on the Beanscripting Framework(BSF) so that you can write your Groovy Monkey scripts in a number of languages ( particularly Groovy ). In fact you can write in Groovy, Beanshell, Ruby or Python. The project update site is located at the Groovy-Monkey SourceForge site ( update sites: Eclipse v3.2 or Eclipse v3.1.2 ) and has three new additions.. Direct download of Groovy Monkey directly goto


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