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Why Enterprose needs unified build platform?

Sooner or later every single company that builds their own software comes to implementing some kind of generalized build & deploy system. While meeting the need, such a system does not add any competitive advantage to the core business. It is like if each company will start creating their own programming languages: it could be made highly optimized for a particular busines, but maintaining one sucks in more money that it generates. And don't forget the people around it: how much expertize is preserved when developers rotate or simply resign? What kind of support does such a system gets?

 This paragraph may evolve into a huge discussion, but in my opinion - creating and maintaining commodity software only makes sense if it is the primary business of an institution, in all other cases (we are discussing commercial enterprises) obtaining commodity software is preferable and saves a lot of money. Especially clear this becomes when the primary business changes: grows, modifies requirements.

This may sound trivial, but a community can achieve more that any single entity. And if 10 entities manage to invest 1 unit of work into a community project, the return is 10-fold right away. Provided that the direction of development is agreed upon by all 10 (smile)

I think it' the right time to get together and discuss all that. The upcoming ApacheCon in Austin, TX Oct 9-13 2006 seems to be reasonably good opportunity to do that.

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