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groovy -i .bak -pe "if(count == 1) println '#!/usr/bin/groovy'" *.groovy

Another very convenient option is -a, which splits the current input line into the array split. By default the split pattern is " " (one space). The option -a optionally takes another split pattern which is then used instead.

Print processes owned by root:

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ps aux|groovy -ane "if(split[0] =~ 'root')println split[10..-1]"

Print all logins from /etc/passwd that are not commented:

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groovy -a':' -ne "if(!(split[0] =~ /^#/))println split[0]" /etc/passwd

Add the first and the penultimate column of a file:

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groovy -ape "split[0].toInteger()+split[-2].toInteger()" accounts.txt

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