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// requires dom4j.jar
import org.dom4j.*

class PruningCarHandler implements ElementHandler {
    def messages = []
    public void onStart(ElementPath path) { }
    public void onEnd(ElementPath path) {
        def car = path.current
        def make = car.attributeValue('make')
        def country = car.elementText('country')
        def type = car.element('record').attributeValue('type')
        messages << make + ' of ' + country + ' has a ' + type + ' record'
        car.detach() // prune the tree

def xml     = new StringReader(XmlExamples.CAR_RECORDS)
def reader  = new SAXReader()
def handler = new PruningCarHandler()

reader.addHandler('/records/car', handler)

assert handler.messages == [
    'Holden of Australia has a speed record',
    'Peel of Isle of Man has a size record',
    'Bugatti of France has a price record'

We could have also performed In the above example, we actually did the processing as part of the ElementHandler. Instead, we could have used a hybrid approach which just pruned away parts of the tree we weren't interested in and then performed tree-walking/navigation style coding after that.