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The mission for the JPOX Extension is to:

  • Use of OGC Filter to produce a query against JPOX
  • Expression evaulation against a POJO using JXPath
  • Glue code for JPOX-Spatial Domains Models to be viewed as a simple POJODataStore
  • Additional utility code to assist intergration between POJO domain model and GeoTools as required

How you can help?

  • provide a test data set (and public database) with an interesting "complex" domain model

The following needs to be sorted out:

The following documentation is available (or at least intended):


This can be done in two parts:

  • simple reflection to access Bean properties (or reflection straight to Java fields?)
  • full xpath support with JXPath (easy since beans + collections already supported)

This will allow the post processing filters to work.


Given the above two the following is needed for rendering intergration:

  • Teach PropertyAccessor the concept of "default geometry"
    • Add getDefaultGeometry() to PropertyAccessor interface.
  • Teach StreamingRenderer how to work with Content class rather then FeatureSource.
    • ok
  • Implement DataAccess and Source for JPOX
    • ok