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Other stuff

 Handlers are usually arranged in a list and a request presented to each handler in turn until (or at most) one indicates that the request has been handled. In this situation, this will allow handlers to: 

  • Ignore requests that are not applicable
  • Handle requests by populating the response and/or generating content
  • Modify the request but allow it to pass onto the next handler(s).  Headers and attributes may be modified or an InputStream filter added
  • Modify the response but allow the request to pass onto the next handler(s).  Headers may be modified or OutputStream filters added



See org.mortbay.jetty.


  • Abstract Handler - Abstract handler.
  • Context Handler - This handler wraps a call to handle by setting the context and servlet path, plus setting the context classloader.
  • Error Handler - Handler for error pages.  It is registered at the org.mortbay.jetty.handler.ErrorHandler context attributed and called by the HttpResponse.sendError method to write an error page.
  • Handler Collection - Handler collection.
  • Default Handler - Handler for resources that were not found.  Implements OPTIONS and TRACE methods for the server.
  • Request Log Handler - This handler can be used to wrap an individual context for context logging.
  • Handler wrapper - Handler collection.

There are some examples of implementing custom handlers in the Embedded Examples.

See also Newbie Guide to Jetty.


handler package for some examples.

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