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The big blocker factor is the lack of an appropriate data access API. All the GeoTools code that deals with features is settled up in terms of SimpleFeature and its assumptions. So the current DataStore API. During the work on the community-schema modules, the main glitches found with the DataStore API are:

  • String is not enough to represent a FeatureType name, a qualified name is needed
  • TypeName and Feature name are not the same thing, though a common miss-assumption for SimpleFeatures

Goals / API


At a Source level: Identification should be handled with with a qualified name rather than a "TypeName". We are getting too many collisions. For the GeoAPI Feature to be located correcly we need to get rid of the idea that TypeName == FeatureName (eg, "topp:states" != "topp:states_Type". They may even be in different namespaces!)