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  • Stax API jar
  • A Stax implementation: recommended one is Woodstox (version 4.0.x for StaxMate 2.x; 3.2 for earlier StaxMate versions)
    • or, alternatively, Aalto or SJSXP (both usable since StaxMate 1.2)
  • Stax2 extension API: either a separate jar, or as part of extended StaxMate jar ("staxmate-with-stax2")

Links to all of above are included on Download page.

Where can I find sources and binaries?

You can find binaries (jars) and sources (tar, zip) on the Download page.

Also, StaxMate sources are stored in Codehaus Subversion; you can access them using anonymous read-only access:

svn co

and registered developers can access it similarly, but adding "--username" (and "--password") switch to allow changes to be committed back in.

See GitHub StaxMate project.


Currently the best to reach people involved in the project is via StaxMate mailing lists.


  • Volunteer support:
    • StaxMate authors and users can be most easily reached via mailing lists: feel free to join, volume is fairly low.
  • Professional support:
    • FasterXML offers professional support service for StaxMate as well as many other XML use cases and related services: this makes sense for tight deadlines and when needing to expand beyond in-house expertise.

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