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  • Clean up the current mess that is our config/catalog api
  • Have a way for people to plug in their special catalog implementations
  • Allow for clustering (aka, store config in a central location, be it a database, or a separate Geoserver publishing its configuration to "slave" Geoservers). Please note I've written allow, I mean that the API we choose should not go against a db based API, not that we will make one
  • Have Geoserver scale on the thousands of feature types/coverages.

Justin Deolivera

  • ?

Chris Holmes

  • What is the benefit to users of GeoServer?

Alessio Fabiani

  • I want the Ingestion Engine save the new configuration somewhere (Disk or DB) independently from GeoServer, and have the GeoServer catalog always updated.
  • Don't load all the resources every time into memory, but ask just for the resoucre I need.
  • Cache the resources in order to avoid to request them to the service everytime.