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Quick presentation

This module is the integration of project AlterSIG Toolbox.
Every component is cleanup and once ready will move to the "extension/swing-widgets" module.

This module offers several Swing components like :

  • A tree to manage MapContext
  • A dialog to quickly open datas
  • Some property edition panels
  • A small JMappane control bar
    To be honest they are not all fully functionnal but they work.

Help needed !

Many things have to be done before we have a correct swing widget library.
This module is getting really too big for a single developer. there is now
more then 150 classes. Thoses classes spike through the GeoTools other modules
so there is a heavy maintain job to keep everything working.

Here is a list of things to do, but I dont have time to :

  • Updated/fixed/enrich the property panels
  • Create a complete SLD editor, for now it's basic style edition. Stefan Krüger should work on this on february 2008. Feel free to contact him if you have any questions, comments, ideas: .
  • Improve Map drawing speed, this should be done at the beginning of the year with the Java2DRenderer.
  • Create a ToolBox/Tool structure (Interfaces and tree widget)
  • Create widgets for preview/print, this is a hard one that could be a training periode project for a student.
  • Create a raster referencing widget.
  • Improve Context Tree to handle subnodes under layer nodes



Widget-tools list


First you need the latest geotools source.
See 2.3 Source Code to have it.

Make a fresh build using maven :

Code Block
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip

Go it the module folder :

Compile the module and start the demo :

Code Block
mvn clean install
mvn exec:exec