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Setting the ant property classlib.provider to Harmony (see how to define ant properties) will change the build process to download and build the Apache Harmony class library.





The name of the host environment used for building Jikes RVM. The host environment defines the paths to the tools used during the build, e.g. the path to the C compiler. The name should match one of the files located in the build/hosts/ directory minus the '.properties' extension.


The name of the target environment for Jikes RVM. The name should match one of the files located in the build/targets/ directory minus the '.properties' extension. This should only be specified when cross compiling the Jikes RVM. See Cross-Platform Building for a detailed description of cross compilation.


The name of the configuration used when building Jikes RVM. The name should match one of the files located in the build/configs/ directory minus the '.properties' extension. This setting is further described in the section Configuring the RVM.


An identifier for the current patch applied to the source tree. See Building Patched Versions for a description of how this fits into the standard usage patterns of Jikes RVM.



The directory where Ant looks for external components when building the RVM.



The directory where Ant stores the final Jikes RVM runtime.



The directory where Ant stores the intermediate artifacts generated when building the Jikes RVM.



Define this property if you do not want the build process to update configuration files when auto downloading components.



The directory where Ant caches downloaded components.  If you explicitly download a component, place it in this directory.

(Undefined, forcing download)

require.rvm-unit-testsIf set to true, run unit tests on the built rvm image. Use with care as it will significantly increase build times for configurations that are compiled using a non-optimizing compiler (see below).(Undefined, tests are not run)

Only useful if you want to contribute changes to the Jikes RVM. If set to true, run checkstyle during the build to check for violations of the Jikes RVM Coding Style and Coding Conventions for assertions.

(Undefined, no checks run)

If set to true, build the Jikes RVM with debug symbols for the C/C++ code and the code in the bootimage.

Note: this is not enabled by default because it causes build failures for configurations that build the bootimage with the optimizing compiler (see RVM-1084).

(Undefined, no symbols built)

At a minimum it is recommended that the user specify the property in the "" file.