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  • Branching scheme : 1.x and 2.x
  • Numbering scheme : 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.5/2.0 alpha/beta/RC
  • Define a roadmap towards the next major milestone
  • Set a policy for keeping 1.0 compatibility
  • Provide a process for languages changes with a real proposal and prototype (à la PEP: Python Extension Proposal)

Unit testing

  • More unit tests
  • Have the wiki samples being automatically tested
  • Reuse GinA tests
  • Split the tests to create tests for:
    • TCK
    • Good & bad error messages checking
    • Tests for non-compilable code
    • GDK vs. language tests


  • JDK 1.5+ features
    • Make 1.5 the default target JVM for Groovy NG or can we support 1.4 still?
    • Full annotation support
    • Enum support
  • Syntax for operator overloading
  • New mechanism for DGM and possible syntax for extension methods: a mixin category, inspiration from C# 3
  • Allow omitting parentheses when named arguments are used in top-level method calls: monster.move x:100.meters, y:200.meters
  • A pass by ref keyword for implementing swap(ref x, ref y) (exists in multiple languages like C#)
  • Multiple assignment: a, b = foo() (if a 2-element list is returned for instance)
  • Class-scoped use directive
  • Discuss possibility of adding a construct that can differentiate between a closure that can return from its outer scope and one that cannot.
  • Move date arithmetic code from Google Data into DGM (
  • Tuples: (a,b)


  • Adding new features to make Meta-programming easier (ExpandoMetaClass), for instance: myString.metaClass.threeTimes = {} and myString.metaClass.someProp = 3
  • Remove hard references to java.lang.reflect.* types from MetaClassImpl making everything a Meta* (MetaConstructor, MetaField, MetaMethod etc.). This is only partially done.


The conference is a two days conference. All Groovy & Grails developers are welcome to this conference, and if space permits, we can potentially accept additional invitees.

Availabilities and interested persons 




Prefered location


Guillaume Laforge

any day in january and february



I can organize the event in Paris like last year.
I'm fine with a 2-day event which takes place during the week, but we could also take a day from the week-end, but preferably, the conference should happen at the start or end of the week.

Guillaume Alleon

any day in january and february

weeks starting 22nd of January and 10th of February

Paris, Toulouse

I can organize the event in Toulouse during week time.

Jeremy Rayner

any day in january and february

Feb 14


I can organize the event in London, as I did in 2004 (smile) .

Paul King

probably can't do Europe without some financial travel assistance


Australia: Brisbane, Gold Coast, possibly Sydney

... a long shot ... but thought I would at least propose a down under alternative: Great weather, great food and drink, great beaches (smile)

Jochen Theodorou

any day in january/february


London, Paris, Toulouse, nearly anywhere

I would have offered Stuttgart, but it is a boring city. If you all decide to still go there, then I will do the organization

 John Wilson

 15th Jan to 9th Feb but not 25th Jan.  Then 19th 28th Feb

1st to 15th Jan, 25th Jan, 10th to 18th Feb 

Burssels or Antwerp for the Beer (smile)


Dierk König

any except:

1. - 7. Jan, 15th Jan, 22. - 26. Jan



 Graeme Rocher

If in Paris not sure yet. If in London any except:

 15-19 Jan,5-6 Feb,13-23 Feb


I can make the arrangements for the the location (room with whiteboards, projector etc.), lunch and may be able to provide some assistance (TBC)