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StompConnect is a small Java library for exposing any JMS provider as a Stomp Broker. This means that you can use any of the Stomp Clients to work with any JMS compliant message broker.

All modern Message Brokers available today provide a JMS client - which means StompConnect allows you to connect your Stomp Clients to pretty much all Message Brokers!. (The only exception we are aware of is TibCo RV but you can just upgrade to TibCo EMS which does fully support JMS).

Embedding StompConnect

One of the great things about messaging in general is that it connects systems together in a loosely coupled, typically asynchronous way. So adding an extra hop in your network typically doesn't really matter a whole lot. However sometimes in highly real time systems the latency in processing messages can be important. If you deploy StompConnect as a separate process to your JMS message broker, then there will be a network hop from your Stomp client to Stomp Connect to your message broker.

To work around this if you are using a Java message broker, you can host the StompConnect Java code within the same process as the message broker, so that there is no need to actually use a network hop for the communication between StompConnect and the JMS broker. To see how to do this see the Dependency Injection way to run StompConnect

An alternative is to use a Message Broker which has native Stomp support like Apache ActiveMQ