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about the plugins are configurated in the pom and the goal can be hooked in the pom when not hooked by default 


Example 1

This will allow Maven to inject the classpath defined by your dependencies in
the POM, plus the target/classes directory available after the compile phase runs.

No Format
 * @parameter default-value="${project.compileClasspathElements}"
 * @required
 * @readonly
private List compileClasspathElements;
Then, to use it, you should construct a new classloader:
URL[] urls = new URL[compileClasspathElements.size()];
for ( int i = 0; i < compileClasspathElements.size(); i++ )
    File classpathElement = (File) compileClasspathElements.get( i );
    urls[i] = classpathElement.toURL();
ClassLoader cl = new URLClassLoader( urls );

Then, use the new classloader...

20070212 jdcasey on #maven, reposted with permission