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GeoTools has started up production of monthly milestone releases again. The publication of milestone releases makes progress visible and accessible to the user community. We have not been sending announcements out beyond the user list, as milestone releases are strictly for "early access".

We have also updated our Module Matrix page (and development policies) to reflect how well different modules are supported.


Since 2006 Q4 the GeoTools project and GeoServer projects have made development policy changes:

The above policies aim to have a uDig and GeoServer branch available based on GeoTools trunk, without this support we
are left with a development community scattered across different versions (all trying to be active).

There is one planned development policy change:

  • When a contributor agreement is available (after negotiations with OSGeo) we will require each developer to sign something.

Research Goals

There are several tracks of ongoing research, and a few unresolved design problems:


The GeoTools project and geoserver project made policy changes with respect to new research.

The establishment of an "unsupported" module space in GeoTools has succeeded in making visible research that was previously "out of sight out of mind". The uDig and GeoServer projects already and community sections meeting this need.