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You can also consider using the ExpandoMetaClass from Groovy 1.1 to dynamically embellish a class with behaviour. This isn't the normal style of usage of the decorator pattern (it certainly isn't nearly as flexible) but may help you to achieve similar results in some cases without creating a new class.See Using ExpandoMetaClass for a similar example

Here's what the code looks like:

Code Block

// current mechanism to enable ExpandoMetaClass
GroovySystem.metaClassRegistry.metaClassCreationHandle = new ExpandoMetaClassCreationHandle()

def logger = new Logger()
logger.metaClass.log = { String m -> println 'message: ' + m.toUpperCase() }
// => message: X

This achieves a similar result to applying a single decorator but we have no way to easily apply and remove embellishments on the fly.

More dynamic decorating

Suppose we have a calculator class. (Actually any class would do.)


Code Block
def proxy = ProxyMetaClass.getInstance(util.CalcImpl.class)
proxy.interceptor = new TimingInterceptor()
proxy.use {
	    assert 7 == new util.CalcImpl().add(1, 6)