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The regasm.exe utility requires Administrator privileges to execute.  This can affect installations, and is particularly relevant on Windows Vista, since the command prompt must be started with the correct privileges.


Okay, that was tough (not really).  There are a couple of not-so-obvious steps involved in creating even a simple COM-enabled .NET library.  Fortunately, once you know all the steps, you just follow the same recipe. Once you have set up a .NET project this way, it is easy to add additional methods and classes.



COM objects always run in an "apartment." Different "apartments" correspond to different threading models, and the COM threading models don't quite correspond to Java's threading model. To help you with initialization and teardown of COM apartments within Java, Scriptom provides the .inApartment method. It is considered best practice to wrap any COM objects in an .inApartment closure. Threading in Scriptom can also be managed by calling the methods on the object.






This part is for you if you are new to Groovy.  If you have been using Groovy for a while, you're done.  Go forth and codify already.