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This release has some great improvements:

  • Ruby on Rails support. We have been working hard on getting Rails own unit
    tests running and over 98% of them now run successfully. We feel things are
    running well enough to invite Ruby users to kick the tires and help root out
    any final issues.
  • Ruby classes can extend concrete/abstract Java classes and override methods
  • New Java primitive array syntax
  • Reimplementation of String, Numeric classes, and Array to be more correct
    and performant
  • Significant bottlenecks have been identified. In some cases IO is 6.5x
    faster than previous releases. Java included classes are significantly
    faster than in the past.
  • 225 Jira issues resolved since last release

At the beginning of this development cycle we added Nick Sieger as a committer
to JRuby. Nick has been a welcome addition to the team.