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What should you be doing?

  • sign up to the GeoTools-Devel Mailing List (Say hi to everyone)
  • sign up to the OSGeo mailing list (Say hi to Landon and Frank!)
  • Read over the acceptance letter that was sent to you
  • Plan to attend Mondays IRC meeting in order to ask questions
  • Getting svn access and reading the developers guide (your mentor will ask questions)
  • Think about what you expect from your mentors

Welcome to Mentors

What should you be doing?

GeoTools Planning

The rest of this page is dedicated to all the organizational stuff we need on our end, timelines, sample ideas, and so on...


  • March 12 Deadline: Mentoring organization application deadline (we should have project ideas lists)
  • March 24: Student application deadline.
    • (tick) GeoTools has recived several good student proposals
  • April 9: Project PSC ordering decisions submitted in SoC Application Rankings by Project
  • April 11: Accepted student applications announced
  • May 28: Students begin work.
  • Ongoing
    • Email the Developer List Constantly
    • IRC Meetings every Monday
    • Talk to your mentor
  • August 31: final evaluation deadline.
    • Evaluation of project results


Can you sponsor a student? Sign up on the dotted line:

Last year we had 5 prospective mentors and only three were matched with students; please don't worry about being matched up outside of your area of your field or language comfort zone - volunteer!


As a background for students:

  • GeoTools is one of the oldest Java Open Source projects around, we have weekly meetings and a sane developers guide
  • Contributions made to GeoTools will have a large impact on the field, it is a great spot to get some science done and a very receptive community for "mad plans to conquer the world (even if just a digital world)
  • Preference will be given to a contributions with a visible result (Command line tool or Swing demo for GeoTools, GeoServer community module for J2EE, uDig community plugin for desktop etc...)

As a background for community members:

  • Scope: Please make sure your idea can be accomplished in a summer without wrecking a student's happiness
  • Difficulty: Please make sure ideas are enough of a challenge to engage students (and keep them involved for later)

Sample Idea to cut and Paste


We have even isolated some of the drawing code behind an interface already, but make no mistake this is not for the faint of heart GIS data volumes will break many of the assumptions you may be used to if you are coming at this from a gaming background.

Sanity checks:

  • This work would love to end up in uDig, there are examples of how to use JOGL with Eclipse RCP already

Parse KML into Features

One interesting new format is KML, produced by our friends over on google earth. It is a happy little vector format and is increasing in popularity. We have all sorts of amazing XML parsing mojo left over from dealing with "Geographic Markup Language", putting the two together would be a fun challenge for those that think they know what they are doing.


The following is a Sample Letter for Mentors to send out - we need to cover the following points:

  • How to Participate
  • How to get SVN Accesss
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Contact information (for mentor)

All of these should be links to the developers guide ...