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IzPack FAQ

Table of Contents

Language files

Q: I received notification mail of changed language file. Why my modifications look different in my mail as I was edited in the editor? There seem to be wrong characters.


In order to have correct encoding to work add following line in very beginning of IzPack XML files:

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<?xml version=1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


Mac OSX External Packages


Q: How can I execute the a package installer on Mac OSX from IzPack?

A: You can include a shell script with your IzPack installer that mounts a dmg, then launches the installer within it. The shell script looks something like this:

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hdiutil mount $INSTALL_PATH/yourpackage.dmg
open /Volumes/yourpackage/YourPackageInstaller.mpkg/

To execute the shell script from within a <pack> in your install.xml file, use the following lines:

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<pack name="yourpackage" os="mac">
  <parsable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/loaddmg.sh"/>
  <file targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH/" src="yourpackage.dmg"       os="mac" unpack="false"/>
  <executable type="bin" stage="never" targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/loaddmg.sh" os="mac" />
  <executable type="bin" stage="postinstall" targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/loaddmg.sh" os="mac" />


Q: How can I get more debug output from an installer?
A: You can execute the installer with the following command to get a full debug stream from IzPack:

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java -jar -DTRACE=TRUE yourinstaller.jar

Q: How can I debug an uninstaller as it launches itself several times to remove file locks and hence we get no console output?
A: See For IzPack 5, see Debugging Uninstallers

    For IzPack 4, see the solution proposed by Christian d'Heureuse at http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/IZPACK-331