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  1. Make a "default" useful parser available as a utility class
    • CQL
    • CRS.parseWKT
    • JTS.parseWKT
    • Spatial.parseWKT (should be method compatible with JTS utility class)
  2. Hide details in a parser package (that casual users do not need to import)
  3. Be consistent with package names (not sure how to handle version differences)
    • org.geotools.filter.text.cql2 - parser code for CQL
    • org.geotools.geometry.text.wkt - parser code for WKT
    • org.geotools.filter.xml.filter1_0 - filter 1.0 bindings (requires gml2)
    • org.geotools.filter.xml.filter1_1 - Filter 1.1 bindings (requires gml3)
    • org.geotools.geometry.xml.gml2 - geometry bindings for latest GML2
    • org.geotools.geometry.xml.gml3 - geometry bindings for latest GML3
titlepackage names for the gory details

Of the format org.geotools.SUBJECT.PARSER.SPECIFICATION:

  • SUBJECT - is the output being produced (ie style, geometry, referencing, feature, filter, etc...)
  • PARSER - is the kind of "input" being considered (ie text or xml )
  • SPECIFICATION - (optional) if you need to get more specific on the kind of "input" you can quote the specification here.

Please note this is for the gory details only; your users should not have to import anything from these packages. You may be stuck making some of the content public (especially for XML callbacks) - but none of your example/user code should be forced into an import.



Voting in process - closes April 2nd.

Discussed on the email list and in a weekly IRC meeting ( 2007/03/19/IRC Meeting - 19 March 2007).

Votes are currently being collected:

It would be nice to have this approved this week so the work can be in the release
this month.

Wiki Markup


Documentation Changes


  • Update Upgrade to 2.4 instructions (if xml parsing packages are changed)

Developers Guide:

  • Update description package convention to describe how additional parsers can be added.

User Guide:

  • CQL examples look great!
  • CRS examples needed
  • Spatial examples needed

User Manual:

  • Check with Acuster to see if demo can be updated

Issue Tracker:

  • Close jira when completed