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Comment: clear up that we do not plan to support ppc64el; recommend to contact the team before porting to new architecture


  • IA-32 Linux®
  • PowerPC 32 and 64 AIX (big endian only)
  • PowerPC 32 and 64 Linux® (big endian)

Regression tests are regularly run for these platforms.


We rely on the help of the communtiy community to provide support for these platforms because we do not have any regression machines for them.

Jikes RVM on Solaris may not work out-of-the-box as it does not seem to get much use.


  • x64 is currently not supported. Jikes RVM can be built on x64 using IA32 IA-32 and 32-bit addressing (e.g. with the x86_64-linux configuration). Work on an implementation for x64 has been started.
  • ARM architectures are not supported at all. To our knowledge, there is no publicly available code of a Jikes RVM ARM port. If you are interested in an ARM port, please open an issue in our bugtracker. You can also try to contact Jeremy Singer, who offered to mentor the GSoC 2012 project for an ARM port.
  • There are no plans to support other architectures at this time. If you want to add support for another architecture to the mainline Jikes RVM, we urge you to contact the team via the core mailing list before starting your work.

Operating Systems

  • Windows is currently not supported. If you are interested in support for Windows, you can take a look at Metacircular Research Platform, a fork of the Jikes RVM. It provides support for building on Windows (using the class libraries from the now retired Apache Harmony project).
  • Other operating systems are not officially supported.