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  1. Create a JikesRVM source tree either via Mercurial checkout or untar-ing a distribution.


    $ hg clone

  2. Create the machine-generated files and eclipse metadata:
    • If you have a recent version of Jikes RVM (3.0 onwards):


      $ cd jikesrvm
      $ bin/buildit --eclipse localhost

      Note that if you will not or cannot build on your local machine, substitute localhost for the name of a host you can build on (buildit will perform the build remotely and then copy the requisite files back).

    • If you are working on an older version (2.9.1 - 2.9.3), you can follow this procedure:


      $ cd jikesrvm
      $ ant
      $ ant eclipse-project

      If you will not or cannot build on your local machine:

      1. copy your tree to build build host somehow
      2. perform the above ant tasks
      3. copy the following generated files and directories back to the machine you will edit on:
        • jikesrvm/.project
        • jikesrvm/.classpath
        • jikesrvm/eclipse
  3. Import the newly created Eclipse project into your Eclipse workspace.
    1. From Eclipse, select File-->Import
    2. Select "Existing Projects Into Workspace"
    3. Browse to find the top-level directory.
    4. Select the project (in this case JikesRVM ia32-linux development)
    5. Hit Finish