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The buildit script is a handy way to build and test the system.  It has countless features and options to make building and testing really easy, particularly in a multi-machine environment, where you edit on one machine and build and test on others.  If you really want to get the most of it, take a look at all the options by running:

bin/buildit -h
Code Block
bin/buildit -h

...or read the script itself.


bin/buildit habanero production

Or equivalently:


bin/buildit localhost production


If you want to specify the build fully, you can do something like this:


bin/buildit jalapeno FastAdaptive MarkSweep

If you want to specify multiple different GCs you could do:


bin/buildit jalapeno FastAdaptive MarkSweep SemiSpace GenMS


To run the pre-commit test-run on your host jalapeno just do:


bin/buildit jalapeno --test-run pre-commit jalapeno


To run the dacapo and SPECjvm98 tests against production on the host jalapeno, do:


bin/buildit jalapeno -t dacapo -t SPECjvm98 production