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Boo 0.7.7 is finally here!
With special thanks to Avishay Lavie, Cedric Vivier and all the nice people
who contributed to this release: Andy Bulka, Arron Washington,
Chris Peterson, Daniel Grunwald, Dominik Zablotny, Doug Holton,
Hans-Christian Holm, J Bryan Kelly, Jaroslaw Kowalski, Joshua W. Biagio,
Marcus Griep, mfowler, Miguel de Icaza, Posti Laatikko, Sergio Rubio,
Snaury, Szymon Wrozynski.

What? -
Download -

Highlights for this release include:

  • More complete/stable generics support (now usable in WSA mode too).
  • Support for using generic types with either external type parameters
    (List of int) or internal ones (List of MyClass)
  • Support for consuming generic methods.
  • Generators and Iterators are now generic
  • Support for the new "Type of *" syntax for referencing generic definitions.
  • Improved type inference on generic types (this is work in progress).
  • Fixed bug with multiple symbols on the same line when debugging
    boo-generated assemblies.
  • Fixed checked/unchecked inconsistencies and added new
    "-checked+/-" option to booc.
  • String handling optimized and generates Gendarme/FXcop-compliant assemblies.
  • Automatic stub are now created when not implementing abstract
    orinterface methods from base class.
  • Verify pipeline is now available on Mono too.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements

Check the full change log at ....

Best wishes and stay beautiful!