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The following connectors will be implemented as part of this project:

  • Class diagram - to visualize the inheritance and composition aspects of the class hierarchy. The information will be obtained by reflection.
  • Dependencies diagram connector - to visualize the chosen project's subset of the dependencies (internal or external, up to a configureddepth or/and included in a given scope). It will be also possible to exclude some dependencies from the diagram.
  • Dependency difference connector - this will take two dependency sources and merge them, setting properties to identify whether a node or edge is in the new, old, or both diagrams

Of course the mechanism of the connectors will be universal enough to make the addition of a new aspect of a project as simple as possible.


The Graphical Editor will help the user create and edit the visualization schema XML file. The file will contain two types of information:

  • The <dataSource> section will describe which data will be presented, that is - how to acquire the information to present. The classes and attributes of connectors, which will extract the data from the project, will be given. No actual data will be stored in the XML file itself.

-The <view> section will describe how to present data. In details it
will contain:

  • Perspective (coordinates of the visible area in the picture) or the information that the whole diagram has to fit into the picture.
  • Information about objects pinned (locked) to specified positions of the picture. This is necessary because the layout algorithms cannot cope with every situation - and in such a situation help from the user is needed. The objects are identified by business identifiers.
  • Selection of information from single node to be presented
  • Selection and parameters of the general layout strategy

"View" tag schema proposition (example):