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A special remote repository which is situated at []

This remote repository is where most open source software artifacts are located.


maven-proxy (outdated and no longer actively worked on)Proximity

Nexus, which comes preconfigured for corporate or personal use. It is packaged as J2EE WAR file and is deployable by simply dropping it on Apache Tomcat or any other J2EE servlet container.sonatype.orgis the successor of the popular Proximity repository manager. Nexus is completely configurable with a extJS UI and has a very lightweight footprint but is very scalable. Nexus is able to generate indexes on the fly that are consumable by The M2Eclipse plugin (

Artifactory, an enterprise proxy and repository manager, that is a complete new rewrite of maven-proxy. Artifactory runs out-of-the-box on a lightweight Jetty server and can also be deployed on a standard servlet container as WAR file.