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This results in no change to client code - all client code should be making use of one of AuthorityFactory sub-interfaces or the CRS facade as documented here:

Internal API change

So what is this change about then? This change request is for the internals of the referencing module, and the relationship between the super classes defined therein and the plug in modules providing implementations.


titleImplementation Note - Metadata search via the *Find* method

The find method makes use of fully created referencing objects (like Datum and CoordinateReferenceSystem) in order to make comparisons using all available meta data. This workflow involves creating (and throwing away) lots of objects; and falls outside of our normal usage patterns.

To facilitate this work flow:

  • A separate softCache is maintained - configured to only use weak references. This softCache uses the real cache as its parent.

titleImplementation Note - Making good use of Memory

ReferencingObjectFactory uses an internal CanonicalSet to prevent more than one referencing object with the same definition being in circulation. The internal pool makes use of weak references.


Documentation Changes

Update Module matrix pages

Update User Guide:

Issue Tracker:

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