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Tp be filled in when a final design is approved


Developer Guide:

  • We may want to provide guidelines for places where the hints are to be declared, for example a well known class or interface for common hints, and the DataStore class for data store specific ones (do you have any suggestion on this one?).

User Guide and User Manual:

  • Given that this change just deals with changing some interfaces but does not add real meat for the moment, the user guide should probably not be updated. But we should schedule a task to update it as soon as new "well known" hint gets its way into the code.

Issue Tracker:

  • check related issues to see of problems are affected


The scope of this proposal is just to have the hints infrastructure ready for 2.4.0 release, so that uses of it can developed freely during the 2.4 time frame without requiring further API breaks.
So the tasks cover just the implementation, fixing the broken interface implementors, and documentation.